2 definitions by JoeFard62

Dumbfatty: A person you rather dislike or someone who is quite large and an inconvenience to you
Stop being being a dumbfatty
Why are you walking so slow you dumbfatty?
Only dumbfatties like juice wrld
by JoeFard62 April 9, 2022
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To stop but in a more intelligent way.

Or to stop penis cocking

Derives from the word "stop". Somehow gained the "ch" sound and is now superior to it's "stop" cousin. Stotch can be used in many useful situations. Any situation where "stop" could be used, "stotch could be used in stead, and will provide more power and force behind your speech.
Person 1: Hey,stotch fricking
Person 2: oh, my bad brodad
Person 1:Stotch being not scared
Person 2: oh my bad I will stotch doing that as well
by JoeFard62 February 25, 2022
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