A mutant with the ability to control weather.
The character was introduced as part of the "new" X-Men in Giant-Size X-Men #1 (May 1975), in a story written by Len Wein and illustrated by Dave Cockrum. Since her introduction, Storm has remained one of the mainstays of the various X-Men comic book series and has been depicted in movies and animated television shows.

Storm has always been depicted as a very spiritual person, and has always been depicted as a character who worships a deity she refers to as "Goddess." This is most frequently evident through her exclamations of "Goddess!" when she is startled.

She gets hurt all the time when she fights, too slow I guess.
-How many do you have?(tatoos)
- One for every sin, and some others.

(Storm) and (Night Crawler)

(she doesent say many funny things)

by Wizabi August 05, 2006
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a name given to a guy who is sweet, easy to talk to, and in love with a blonde.
Wow! Storm is so nice. The two of them make a great couple.
by AMRDancer423 May 03, 2009
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A girl that is usually reserved but after an alcoholic drink comes out of her shell
'She's doing a storm'
by storm89 March 04, 2012
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a word used to describe when you have an orgasm and it leaves the whole room covered in white blotches of liquid rolling down the walls.
greg: hey trixie i have something to tell you, i lo......(SPLAT)
trixie: oh shit greg this place got stormed
by prejudice white boy January 05, 2005
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One of the hottest fucking punk guys ever. Soft touch. Warm hugs. Sweet and caring
Plays guitar.
Quit smoking.
One of the most interesting and smart guys you'll ever meet in High school.
Girl1: Did you see Storm over there?

Girl2: Whos Storm?


Girl1: Hes the fuckin hawt dude with blond hair playin Slipknot on his new 12 String.
by Genetically_Zi January 08, 2009
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Storm is a name given to people with an obsession for turtles, one whom talks allot, never sleeps or spends allot of time playing on world of warcraft private servers., also to a person who is hosting The Game
-This use for the word originated from an anonymous player on Arcane-wow sometime in 2008.
โ€˜That guy reminds me of Storm!โ€™โ€™
by cokiemaini December 31, 2009
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