1. When a guy butt rapes another guy to humiliate them. (verb)

2. To pwn someone in sports or video games. (verb)
GUY1: In gym class the other day, one of the freshman got stormed for being a smart ass, and everyone pointed and laughed!

GUY2: I know! every one was talking about him getting stormed up against the locker!

by Wookie woo, Shmook December 08, 2008
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One of the best THPS(mainly thug)players I have ever seen.
Proskater:Dude, stOrm is so leet

SoSa: No way

Proskater: Shut up sosa you poser.
by Proskater 2.0 April 08, 2007
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One of UK's most talented quake and overall top gamers, everyone loves him!
storm = own = u
by Steven Timms May 17, 2003
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idiot that goes to renaissance school yet has learned absolutely nothing. it is impossible to describe she is so fucking stupid
i was talking to storm today, she is so fucking stupic
by Thomas January 31, 2004
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A handsome young and intelligent young man who all girls like but he like the one girl u would think he wouldn't he is loving and caring and can be in a serous relationship
Storm is a chick magnet
by The_Harambe_lover December 12, 2016
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