A girl that will brighten up your day. She's beautiful, kind, and funny. You can talk her about sports. She's chill. The perfect girl.
-Bro that girl!!!
~Storey! I know!
by M.L.J October 20, 2016
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A ladyboy who tricks drunken straight men into sex
I was tricked by a storey after a night in the station, not cool!
by Chlostozza March 5, 2019
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Quite possibly the coolest type of person on earth. Generally tends to be, "the man"
-"That kid is so cool"
-"Yeah, he's such a storey"
by Shangfest November 9, 2006
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Harry Storey. This is where a dirty story comes up in the middle of a bonding session inside of a toilet. This can bring friends closer and form a session including soggy biscuit or many different 69 seesions.
Max said to Lewis you up for a Harry Storey
by cherriossss October 19, 2017
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White glove service to the middle of the road. Storey Style is enjoying the finer things in life in common surroundings. When confronted with pedestrian options, Storey Style seeks a first class or top shelf alternative no one realized was available.
Rather than settling for a cab, the Storey Style gentleman hails a stretch limousine.

No matter where you dine, when Storey Styling, order a seafood tower whether it's on the menu or not.
by harshbargler August 26, 2013
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A very big guy who says hehehe when someone makes a joke that isn't funny at all
Someone: Silver isn't a metal
Kye Storey: Hehehe...
by Shrekh_Abdu December 5, 2019
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a nickname for a fat person that only ever tells the same fucking stories!!
and you can call it to there face as they think you are calling them stacked but they just keep telling you the same shit.
That Roland keeps telling me about his fucking mate from football who has done everything he is such a two storey
by Flyingringpiece January 31, 2008
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