Storer s a Friend at first look who you will trust and appreciate, but later as your friendship goes on he will always get the bigger deal and the most respect.
I can't believe it, you're becoming such a Storer.
by Chipotlepart2 February 15, 2016
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Someone who thinks their so gangsta and cool, but they don't realise that they ain't so cool after all. 🤣
Rose Storer you think your good.
by September 15, 2020
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Someone who lives in the city centre and uses his own faeces to use as compost for his plants. Well it is rich in nutrients.
the teacher at university is an urban shit storer no wonder theres a pong when he comes in
by AGnumbnuts November 22, 2011
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The best boyfriend in the whole wide world and loves his girlfriend sooooo muchhh Because she is his everything and only his 😘
Xavier matthew storer loves Ava so much.
by Girlfriend ahha January 30, 2022
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a person who likes to call innocent people trolls!
"oi trolll! exclaimed anne example.
" don't be a liv storer." they replied, looking rather affended.
by 08jgraham July 16, 2011
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That person who never tides her own room but has issues with other peoples rooms. She needs he bestie to help her tidy her room with shortcuts
Friend: I dont want to tidy my room
Me: Neither do I
Friend: I will tidy yours for you
Me: OMG, you are such a Josie Storer
by Jennifer Slogrove July 11, 2011
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