31 definitions by AGnumbnuts

a cow that requires more than the usual amount of punches to the head before its dead.
i was at the slaughter house the other day and bust my knuckles when i came across some tough beef
by AGnumbnuts November 22, 2011
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Stuck on a packed train with a turtlehead (a poo), no where to go.
John Connor to Danny 'I was on the train home last night in rush hour and i seriously had tube trouble'.

Danny 'no toilets about?'

John Connor 'nah i was storing it like a camel all day!'.
by AGnumbnuts November 9, 2011
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Knowing you've hit your birds sweet spot after a bit of rough anal because its her first time and shes drunk to be taken advantage of.
Do you think my gf will let me smash it right ? Ill take her to pub first I think
by AGnumbnuts November 22, 2011
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Your on the bog and doh! no toilet roll!! only thing around is The Sun newspaper so you end up giving a page 3 girl a shitty beard.
Danny to his mum 'muuummmm we've ran out of bum scrape!'
Mum 'We spent the toilet roll money on fags so use the Scratch and Scream. (ie The Sun)'
by AGnumbnuts November 8, 2011
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A guy who takes a dump on the floor and blames the baby who just giggles to themselves
Craig was shameless the other day, he did a playroom dropper and his little boy got the blame
by AGnumbnuts November 22, 2011
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Inserting a firework in the butt at 12 oclock midnight and watching it explode and smear the crowd.

This year ill be doing a New year whirlybird to celebrate
by AGnumbnuts November 22, 2011
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A great pair of tits on a petite woman.
Danny and Jc are sitting in the park and a tasty woman goes past.

Danny 'Loubies alert at 1 oclock!'
by AGnumbnuts November 14, 2011
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