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Slang from the North East of Scotland used to mainly describe a great golf shot.

Can also be used to describe anything that is impressive.

Upon hitting a great drive, approach shot, chip, etc - "What a stoogie!" or "That's a stoogie" or simply "Stoogie!".

When on a run of great golf shots, "Stoogiemania"
by Big bad long john April 17, 2009
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The word 'Stoogie' is widely used in England and Scotland as the common slang for a 'Cigar'.
National Newspaper
The Independant
By Guy Adams
Published: 18 July 2006

Isambard Kingdom Brunel's 40-a-day cigar habit is held responsible for some of the greatest triumphs of British engineering.

Unfortunately, it also represents an upturned middle finger towards the politically-correct mandarins of modern academia.

With this in mind, Brunel University has removed the famous stoogie from a new, life-size statue of the eminent Victorian.

The bronze is based on the National Portrait Gallery's iconic photograph of Brunel standing next to the launching chains of his ship, the SS Great Eastern, in 1857.

It was unveiled last week, revealing a close likeness, but - to the annoyance of Brunel fans, historians and the smoking lobby alike - no cigar.

by Alan Drinkwater April 18, 2007
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The act of crapping your pants while you're riding on a Subway in New York at exactly 10:37am Eastern time.
"Oh god the other day, on the subway, you know that guy that made that horrid stoogie...yeah that was me..."
by Aaron November 13, 2004
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on dvd the up in smoke tour, on skit roll that shit lighte that shit smoke that shit the comedian asks someone in crowd for a joint, guy gives him what he thinks is a blunt he smokes it n says damn this guy gave me a stoogie
as above stoogie
by rusco81 August 13, 2011
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A big, mostly solid shit glazed in cum, that may or may not be human that is looked upon with admiration.
Man! I was at the Oporto's bathroom just then and wanted to take a dump, but there was this shiny stoogie in the toilet so i licked it instead.
by TheWordMincer May 03, 2010
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