To take your last stand. And then to find you are alone, waiting in the sand.
That grubby mexican gunfighter stood me up.
by jotham February 26, 2004
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When your friends forget to tell you about an event or party and then ask you why you didn't show up. You're stood up before you even get a chance to stand them up.
John C: Where were you on Monday?
Jen: What are you talking about?
John C: I thought you were going to come hang out with us.
Jen: You bastard you totally pre-stood up me.
by soggywhitebread July 30, 2009
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When someone agrees to post you messages or emails on a certain time or day using a computer or digital device with internet connection however they don't post the messages after making such plans.
Person A: He told me that he'll email me tonight, however I was waiting for his email and messages on facebook but it never showed up. I saw him the next day, only for him to tell me, that he forgot to send the important email. He cyber-stood me up. Didn't he cyber-stood me up?

Person B: He clearly cyber-stood up you on that day.
by I_am_a_loser January 11, 2015
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When delays on public transport in London cause you to be late for work.

Boris Johnson is the Mayor of London and responsible for public transport in the city, so when there are delays, it's obviously his fault!
Andy: "It's 9:40! You were supposed to be here at 9:00"
Dan: "I made it to the tube station on time, but I got stood up by Boris!"
by Andysine December 02, 2009
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The phrase that originally came from poland. It is supposed to signalise disbelief in someone's story that supposedly happened in real life.
-So yesterday, I was with my niece at the shopping mall. There was a woman screaming at the cashier. Then, my niece walked to her and gently asked her to calm down!
-Yeah, and the bus driver stood up and started clapping.
by FIRC August 11, 2014
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