When someone you have previously made plans with does not show-up, leaving you utterly alone; often on a date.
"I had a date with Mark, but I got stood up by that asshole!"
by charlie-d December 10, 2005
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Can be used interchangeably with ‘get fucked’ however it is a higher level of insult as it implies the person is not worthy of being fucked, rather, they need to get stood on
1)“Sorry I can’t make it to dinner anymore!”

Get stood on

2) “I just saw a flying pig
“Get stood on”

3) “did you hear what she said to me??”
“Tell that bitch to get stood on
by Imdunk February 27, 2018
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When you can't be brought down no matter what has been done to you.
I got kicked out of my spot. My girlfriend left me for my brother. I got fired from my job. Ran into some trouble with the cops and got tased 5 times and I STILL STOOD!
by Eillek Buubz March 18, 2018
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When the guy/girl said she would go out with you only to find out she flaked out on you.
Jon called me and told me to meet him at the library. I went there and waited only to find I was stood up by the ass!
by mistress16 January 07, 2006
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When someone makes plans and then cancles on the day of those plans or just doesn't show up to the pre planned meet
My friend Alex was stood up tonight, the girl of his dreams cancelled plans just before they where due to meet.

When one has found themselves left waiting for an over extended period of time waiting for someone to never show up.
by Dr. Hannon, M.D. August 09, 2019
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When a hovering group of less attractive women surround themselves around the better looking woman. It makes the better looking woman appear more attractive.
"It makes her as an 8, appear as a 10, with those lurking stood-fish hanging about"
by Klempaticus November 28, 2017
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