10 definitions by dark soul

I would really hate 2 have his fucking job. You have to hang out with people you can't stand, and the guy's supposed to be all punk? Bullshit.
by dark soul March 17, 2004
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A Really Beautiful, smart and loving girl. So full of life and wisdom. An old soul. She will blind you with her beauty and great personality. Everyone will love her. She will have many friends. She will always love her mom.
BriVaya is so Beautiful, I wish she was my friend! Amazing
by dark soul April 26, 2017
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basically what everyone is trying to say

brown on the outside, white in the middle
andy peters is a coconut sell out
by dark soul June 30, 2003
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The worst thing television could ever spawn. Music, (well, good music anyway,) should be embrassed to have their shit played on that station.
1. They only show stupid shit like Real World, Elimdate, and the worst thing, TRL.
by dark soul March 17, 2004
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Pop Music: the reason I have my dad's .22 loaded, next to my head if I hear that goddamn "Toxic" song one more time!!
1. Who really wants to know about Britney's sexual peferences?(That was a retortical question, boys.)
2. I really do not give a shit about being young and hopeless.
by dark soul March 16, 2004
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1: Most Ratted, a large group of Ratted soldiers who have a large support backup base consisting of hundreds of soldiers in all areas and unlike many gangs are not bound to one area .. also has a large group of talented lyricists, DJ's, Dancers, Singers and music producers
2: Ratted Item: a desirable item
3: Ratted MC: An mc who has real talent and has a chance of getting somewhere
4: Ratted: An Expression meaning its okay because it's worth it in the end
1: Most Ratted, steppa to this you get bust, trust you don't wanna fuck with us
2: That watch is ratted
3: Go back the the drawing board, you ain't Ratted
4: Man i just missed the end of the film fo these chics, Ratted still, dun kno its worth it
by dark soul June 30, 2003
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1: a lone warrior who can protect himself
2: a not-a-lone-warrior who is a member of a militant group, but is likely to have the tendancies to be a lone-soldier
3: to have sex without a condom
1: i ain't in no gang, im a soldier
2: all my ratted soldiers back me up here
3: i soldiered your chic, kid might be mine
by dark soul June 30, 2003
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