An idiot who can't spell "stomach".
Guy1: Man, my stomache is killing me.
Guy2: It's stomach, dumbass.
by Tyler R.R. August 18, 2006
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The worst organ in the body, one that is intent on bringing you as much pain and nausea as possible.
1.) Kurt Cobain was pained by his stomach to the point where he had to force himself to eat
2.) "My stomach is evil"


"yeah, I get nauseous whenever I eat."

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(1)something that is edible, but you wouldnt rave about it.

(2) a girl that is alright, but you wouldn't take her out to meet your mates.
"this foods is stomachable"
"this sheila's stomachable, but she's a bit ugly"
by Bones December 19, 2003
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The verb form of stomach (to stomach).

The act of dealing with a situation, idea, or person.
Sarah: You know Jake is dating Susan?
Clara: I do not know how he is stomaching the idea of dating his ex’s mom.
by Slang Kween April 13, 2020
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Similar to a happy trail except grows sideways and resides an inch or so above the belly button. Picture the belly button being the mouth.
I have a hot date tonight, good thing I just trimmed my stomache.

Holy Shit! Did you see that guy's sweet stomache. That must have taken him months to grow.
by Guy Hoss March 7, 2009
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You can't sit on my lap, pet, I have a stomache.
by Popsicle August 4, 2004
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Having to deal with coworkers and business associates that you would really rather not have to unless you were dead or your life depended on it.
The conference call today was barely stomachable that I had with Tony, Art & John.
by d-man with a plan January 8, 2010
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