A variation of the "Eiffel Tower". This move requires two males and one female. The males shall be dressed in business suits. Unlike the Eiffel tower, instead of high fiving, you will shake hands and look each other in the eyes in agreement. Upon completion of the Stock Exchange the males will check their watches as if late for a meeting and leave while the female is left to clean up the "paperwork".
Mr. Steve and Mr. Bob walk into a room. Ms. Jenny was bent over a chair. Mr. Steve and Mr. Bob unzip their slacks and insert their penis' into the respective holes on Ms. Jenny which were agreed upon previously. When both gentlemen are inside, they shake hands until they have completed the transaction of dumping semen into Ms. Jenny. Stock Exchange complete!
by bobstevendoastockexchange September 25, 2013
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To put one's anus directly adjacent to the anus of another and then defecate, achieving penetration with the stool.
My date was passed out and i had eaten a whole box of cereal, so i gave her the ol' stock exchange.
by the bingo August 5, 2008
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An exchange of feces, usually between two homosexual males, taking place from one anus to the other's. Best done with a special "German Stock Exchange" chair which straps one particpant into an upside-down seated position with a hole cut out of the seat upon which the first "broker" sits over to trade his "stock" through.
My anus is all loose and ready now Hans, how about some day trading on the German Stock Exchange?
by Scottt M. James January 12, 2008
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The Frankfurt Stock Exchange (www.frankfurtstockexchange.de), operated by Deutsche Börse, was founded over 400 years ago and is home to public companies from over sixty (60) countries, with North American companies representing approximately 40% of the stocks listed (including over 3,000 U.S. Companies). The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the world's third largest trading exchange, ranking only behind the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ.
Many U.S. companies are choosing to go public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange to avoid the Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.
by call me simpleton May 9, 2010
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When two people of any gender exchange flatulence by lining up their asses so that their assholes align. They then fart at the same time, exchanging gases.
Dave and I are great proponents of the Baltimore Stock Exchange
by jubal early July 29, 2011
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The sexual maneuver where a female will insert a funnel into her anus, another female will urinate into the funnel, and finally the former woman will allow the latter to drink the said contents from her rectum.
Damn I thought that those girl weren't isosexual, but after I saw them bust a New York Stock Exchange I knew that those sluts were carpet munchin' whore bags.
by drucalem3030 January 18, 2007
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noun. When Tiger Woods and Donald Trump swap wives.
During the 2018 US Open, a Donald Trump Stock Exchange was performed in front of all to see.
by Italia Marzioli April 21, 2019
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