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When a guy's get's sexual aroused and his penis expands so it can be pleasured.
Chad : Oh Kiersten I just love to run my hands through your soft long hair and it always smells so good!
Kiersten : Well I hope it Stimulates your dick cause I like to suck it and stick it in my body!
Chad : Well why don't you just give me A blowjob while I'm caressing your hair then I will fuck you from behind and I will rub my face in your beautiful locks!
Kiersten : Oh Chad I think I just creamed on your sheets!
Chad : No problem my wife's gonna wash them tomorrow anyway we can cum on them all we want!
Kiersten : Oh boy let's have a cumfest!
Chad : Let the mess begin!
by SlopNChop February 20, 2017
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This story really stimulates my imgination!
Anybody stimulating any thoughts?
I'm going to stimulate your brain!
by Gareth Woodman October 20, 2007
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