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The act of "grinding" or "twerking," except in the case if stimping, the male penis actually goes into the butt hole of the person they are dancing with. This is hands down the nastiest, kinkiest, rudest and quite frankly the best way to get freaky in da club.
Guy 1:"Damn bro you see how hard Laura was getting stimped at the twerkfest last night? I would so stimp the shit out of her."
Guy 2:"Yea man she's got the asshole of a goddess and she loves getting stimped."

Guy:"Sup beb wanna stimp?"
Girl:"No way Jose, that shit is too hardcore for me."
Guy:"Dumb bitch."
by stimpomatic6969 November 21, 2011
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n. Stud+Pimp or a "studly pimp".

Used to describe an exceptionally good-looking, pimpin', badass ladies man.

Stimp refers in general to any of the admirable qualities evident in the people you wish you were (like that guy who seduced your girlfriend).

Stimp is a collective phrase encompassing those things women find most attractive in men, e.g. winning everything, having lots of money, being fly, smelling good, dressing like you give style advice to GQ and most of all, being uncommonly skilled in the bedroom.

adj. Stimp is also used to refer to the arrestingly cool qualities of inanimate objects or actions
Dude your little brother is such a stimp! He told me he banged Tracy on your bed while you were in Austin last weekend!

This stimp jacket is guaranteed to get you noticed.

These Air Force 1's used to be stimp.
by NG-MP February 02, 2011
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Injection of a liquid by means of any "injector" ranging from a needle to a penis.
Look at that ass... I'd definately stimp that.

Heroine addicts stimp at least once a day.

Vin Diesel is like Bruce Willis, but stimped with speed.
by NivramJ December 29, 2005
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the blackest most thugged out G ever to hit the 603, particularly from Woodsville.
Guy1: I heard some white people got shot up in woodsville last night.
Guy2: that must have been stimp hes the biggest thug around
by #1stunnain603 November 26, 2007
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To make fun of someone to their face without them knowing it.
She is so dumb, I was stimping her like crazy and she just laughed, thinking that I was so funny.
by Stimpster January 29, 2005
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