He is kind, smart, funny, sarcastic , and everything you could possibly want in a person. Not only did he save his best friends but, he saved THE ENTIRE TOWN! Not to mention the fact that he is hot as hell!! He is a loveable dork who will definitely win your heart! And he is played by the to perfect for this world actor Dylan O'Brien
I wish I had someone like stiles...
by Damn_Daniel117 April 24, 2016
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The type of guy you just love forever. A Stiles just wants things to be ok for everybody and does everything to try to make that true. Amazing boyfriend material and could probably get any chick he'd ever want. Might get into some shit he probably shouldn't but he's never a fuckboi. Might not be the pasty white boy some of y'all are thinking of
"Damn that dude is a stiles...all good looking and friendly and shit"
by m0th3rdeare$t November 25, 2016
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a fucking asshole who is hella gay in watches porn about donald trump
by yaboitrump69 September 5, 2017
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The best character on the TV show teen wolf. Has a cute smile and is totally devoted to his friends and family. Great bf material.
Fangirl1- Did you watch Teen a wolf last night?
Fangirl2- Yeah! Stiles was soooo cute!!
by Sterek_Shipper March 29, 2016
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Stiles are few and far in-between. Stiles may seem to be hard people, but once you get to know them and gain their trust and love, they are the ultimate people to have in your life. Kind and giving to those deemed worthy, and run for the hills if you fall on their bad side! Falling in love with a stile is close to inevitable, and if Stile loves you in return, the world will bow down to you. Intelligence is natural for Stile's, and a sense of adventure is never far behind! He is handsome and wise, but with all his well deserved confidence he would never admit that. When Stile becomes shy for whatever reason he has a tendency to become abrupt, but it is commonly mistaken for being rude. If you ever have the blessing of meeting a stile, thank your lucky stars and do what you can to stay by their side, always.
Girl 1: I have fallen in love with Stile...

Girl 2: I saw that one coming, you lucky girl!

Girl 1: Its like ive fallen into a vortex of never ending emotion.

Girl 2: I wish I had a love like that...
by Misa333 August 6, 2011
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Guy who hosts site full of nasty shit
Stile is a sick fucker
by Nitro March 3, 2003
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The Stile is an abstract concept of camaraderie and Gordon gin drinking. The Stile originated when five 18 year olds moved into 24 Milking Stile lane, only to realise that they had been abandoned by Lancaster University and would have to fend for themselves. There have been numerous location changes as well as some members leaving but always maintaining their Stile mentality. The Stile will live on regardless of University graduation.
Are the Stile girls coming to the pub?
by The Stile November 24, 2009
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