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Stiles are few and far in-between. Stiles may seem to be hard people, but once you get to know them and gain their trust and love, they are the ultimate people to have in your life. Kind and giving to those deemed worthy, and run for the hills if you fall on their bad side! Falling in love with a stile is close to inevitable, and if Stile loves you in return, the world will bow down to you. Intelligence is natural for Stile's, and a sense of adventure is never far behind! He is handsome and wise, but with all his well deserved confidence he would never admit that. When Stile becomes shy for whatever reason he has a tendency to become abrupt, but it is commonly mistaken for being rude. If you ever have the blessing of meeting a stile, thank your lucky stars and do what you can to stay by their side, always.
Girl 1: I have fallen in love with Stile...

Girl 2: I saw that one coming, you lucky girl!

Girl 1: Its like ive fallen into a vortex of never ending emotion.

Girl 2: I wish I had a love like that...
by Misa333 August 06, 2011

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