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A black bush negro, who inhabits forests, builds homes from sticks, beats other negroes and anally spikes them with sticks when punished.

He's known as the sticknigger, as everything he does is with sticks.
Black dirty wide eyed stick negro jumped out the bush, with a spear!
Them stick niggers should be skinned in the wood logger!
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by Fukaface! July 07, 2019
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A game played by multiple people driving in a car, each person holding a stick. While driving, if a black person is spotted, someone will yell 'Stick Nigger' and throw the stick in an attempt to hit them. If the thrower hits the target, the car continues to drive. However if the thrower misses, then the car must stop and the thrower will retrieve the stick before moveing on.
I was playing Stick Nigger with my chums last night, we had a jolly olde time praying upon the minorities and lowering thier self esteme, Biitch!!
by session20 August 23, 2004
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