STFO is THE phrase most commonly used by street hustlers around the world. This word was used back in the 80's as a sort of password for "Speakermen" to identify each other as "genuine street slammer's".
STFO has been used by many different companies to help motivate sale's Rep's but since the early 80's G. Smith and M. Amoroso made this THE word among "Speakermen". The phrase STFO is used in conversation amongst "Speakermen" to help motivate each other to sell more set's and make as much money as humanly possible in a work day.

ie: "Dude I just slammed this one fucking hit for like $550 on a double set. Alright I'll talk to you later bro. STFO!"
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Swing The Fuck Out. Generally used to describe awesome Lindy Hop dancing, or the need to dance the vintage dances of the 20's, 30's and 40's. Can be used in a jam situation to heighten the excitement, or generally as an expression of admiration for someones swing out.
me: "I'm going dancing tonight"(swing)
you: "STFO!
me: yay!!!
by VLK13 July 05, 2010
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Stands for: Stressed the fuck out. Is used when a person is overwhelmed and is simply stressed. Using this acronym also helps to not offend people by cussing.
"Laurie was STFO about her wedding."
by krissy wissy September 13, 2011
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shit the fuck off; for when stfu and stsu just won't do...
idiot11: ur so uptite u shud av teh sex wiv ur mom
jeliza: stfo
by JelizaRose March 09, 2008
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