to try and inform your friends of something you find incredibly newsworthy and you send it out only to find out its two months old
Fuck, I Pulled a Sterne.
by Wheelsee March 26, 2008
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To pull a stern - Getting extremly drunk by stealing a bottle of beverages from the bar in a club, and finishing it alone.
Must include puking and passing out (in the shower) on the next day's morning.

Includes puking in the club, puking in the taxi (having his friends pay for the taxi cleaning service), drop down the stairs, getting dropped several times by his mates trying to carry him back.
"Hey man, whats up with R.?"
"He pulled Stern yesterday!... Passed out and we had to carry him back"
"Where is he now?

"Still puking - in the bathroom atm."


"Let's get sterned tonight"
by DaFkingGerman July 19, 2009
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The realization that you spend far too much time on a meaningless internet forum, instead of focusing on the things in your life that matter most.
Wow, I'm feeling sterned right now. I need to reexamine my priorities!
by Stern Lover March 19, 2008
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a meaning more uncommon but still existing is 'asshole'; this originated from an episode of popular sitcom 'friends' in which chandler exclaims - 'i like it in the stern!'
'i like it in the stern!'
by kukukl December 27, 2008
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Popular early 1990's rave night club in worthing UK.
Im gonna double drop some snowballs this saturday at Sterns.
Get ill, Get ill, The house, The House, The House on the Hill
by bernards September 22, 2006
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Like owned or pwned, but only useable in a political context. Used when you have achieved victory in an (often online) political debate.

Common misspellings such as "Sternt", "Sternd" and "Sternz0red" are also acceptable.
Winner One : "OMFG, Sterned biyatch"
Winner Two : "Yeah, u got sternt lol"
by Beerdude26 February 15, 2006
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to get screwed over by someone who makes up ridiculous rules/enforces rules that you don't like. Derived from former NBA commissioner David Stern.
We got sterned, Nate said a bounce counts as 3 cups at his house, such bullshit.
by sterned August 25, 2014
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