probably the coolest kick-ass jews on the planet. If you ever meet one consider yourself the luckiest person on earth. They are known to have extremely attractive features, with insanely amazing abilities. Chances are if they have blue eyes and brown hair, everyone wants to f*** them.
Holy crap, he must be a Levin, after what he did to all the playboy bunnies.
by Levinsta February 24, 2009
Usually a jewish kid with a very large penis, around 7 inches without a "hard-on", and gets all of the girls
1) Man that Levine has a big ass cock
2) MAn that Levine gets al the girls
by Maddi Kriegar June 26, 2009
A guy who looks at people and laughs because of how pathetic they are to him. Which makes sense because most folks have no balls to actually think around him. Also is great at sex...ohh the sex.
“Man, that guy just seems to care about what matters to him, fuck he must be a Levin.”
by Speak up idiot June 1, 2019
To eat an obscene amount of food.
"I ate two crave cases last night, I really pulled a Levine."
by Claude Hubert Blaume August 31, 2006
outre; a state of enlightened subconsciousness
"Yeah, man, it's totally levin."
by J-Woo and T-Jo May 13, 2004
A disease that when caught will cause insane and long losing streaks in MLB 2k10. The disease is very contagious and if caught can be lethal towards a player's 2k10 league season. The disease is caught by playing Levins1, the 15 year old that sounds like a small child. The symptons of Levinitis are below.
1. Unable to create any offense, lack of run-support, strike out rate increases.
2. Often giving up Max-pitch homeruns.
3. 2k often screws you over in the game.
4. You start losing to Booty Crusher.
5. Strong urge to want to suck cock.
6. You start to develop a High-pitch voice.
7. You start to become sexually attracted towards animals.
If you have any these symptoms, it is highly suggested to seek medical attention immediately, and to take an absence from all 2k leagues you are enrolled into.
Ever since Dairyman81 beat levins1 in a 2k game, he contracted levinitis and has been on a terrible losing streak ever since.
by SnipeUdown21 August 17, 2010
Similar to munsoned.
The essence of being a pussy. Most notably used in taking a bong rip and coughing like a little bitch.
Man, that bong rip just levined the Christ out of me.
by Twin Betty February 17, 2005