Feeling stuck? I’ll help you with some fuck.
Step-brother I’m stuck, what are you doing to me?
by Lord_6th December 08, 2019
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Girl- *sits on bed whilst watching peppa pig porn*
Step-brother- licks girls toes
Girl- step bro what are you doing
by February 10, 2021
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A term that is used when Two friends who aren’t related come up with an act to distract those around them from the true discovery of having no relation
Who’s that guy you showed up with? That’s my gay Step Brother.
by B4noobz21 April 19, 2018
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The best god dam motherfucking kick ass boob jiggling, unbelievably fucking funny movie staring Will Ferrel and John C. Riley. These 2 fuckheads are the best pair of comedians to put into a fucking movie. I almost pissed myself watching this fucking hilarious shit. If they made a squeal, every fucking smart person from Toledo, Ohio, HSAT in the downtown would go see this fucking amazing funny ass shit.
Step Brothers

Will: John you awake?
John: Yea
Will: Ima punch you right in the fucking face
by TacoMann May 26, 2009
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A mixed-race black person who plays both sides of the fence according to when it suits them, slipping between urban vernacular to hustle and jive with the brothers and articulate prep-speak to charm whitey.
That step brother Obama is about as African as an eggroll.
by it be what it be March 17, 2010
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The step brother of your step brother or step sister. (NO, not YOU or YOUR brother).
MIKE: Hey Honey, this is John, my side step brother.

HONEY: Okay, you already introduced me to your "bridge brother", who is your half brother's half brother, so I am going to guess that your side step brother is your step brother's step brother.

MIKE: You are a VERY good guesser, and YES you are correct, except that I don't have a step brother, I have a step sister.

HONEY: Oh. And when do I get to meet her?

MIKE: She is over there (Mike points). Let's go. Come on John, let's go see Sharon.
by Shelly Bozdog June 30, 2006
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