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Multi-tracks of songs, each instrumental track is a different file that can be opened in an audio program and be used to make remixes, etc.
Sweet, all The Beatles stems from the Rock Band game. Time to make a remix of Yellow Submarine.
by Formina Sage January 04, 2011

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Doing something stupid, crazy, and/or disgusting.

There are three rules to bladding.

1. You must bring someone who's never bladded before
2. Once you agree to go bladding, you can't back out. Bad things happen if you do.
3. You can't talk about bladding to anybody.
Guy1: Hey, what's bladding? I Googled it and nothing turned up.
Guy2: I can't tell you, it's secret. But if you want, you can go bladding with me and some other guys and you'll find out yourself.
by Formina Sage October 31, 2010

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A criminal charge.
"Darth just finished 5 years on a drug rap."
by Formina Sage August 03, 2013

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A shot; when you empty a bottle of pills into a glass of whiskey and just down it, and then you lie down somewhere and wonder what will happen to you.
On the Whiskey Tour, we got so drunk we almost let Mike take a Desperate Housewife, but then told him not to.
by Formina Sage July 23, 2010

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