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Awesome.This person, (he/she, but usually a girl) is awesome. They are filled with profound knowledge on all thin important to the young human race. He/She will posses a number of traits rarely found in a person for example:
Creativity: They bring out a more original and simple meaning and combine it with intricate designing and motif to create a beautiful new invention. He/she will bring out the more exotic part of life and make something completely original and fresh.
Talent: A person named Stelli will usually have a large amount of talent. Usually they will know at least 1 instrument. <Piano, Violin, Guitar, Viola, French Horn> (Wind instruments are allowed but only during specific circumstances) They will also be very skillful when playing the instrument. Other talents a person named Stelli will have could have include: Visual Art, Photography, Graphic Design, Designing, Writing and/or Other.
Note: A Stelli must always love the following-
-Justin Timberlake
-How I met Your Mother
#1- A person named Stelli will ALWAYS be AWESOME.
#2- Stelli needs support at all times. When not told she/he will always become sad which is dangerous to their body and can cause dramatic falling of the awesomeness level.
#3- Stelli needs to enjoy and LOVE HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER aka BEST SITCOM EVER (#2 is Friends)
#4- Every action, every breath, every simple moment and deed; For a Stelli will ALWAYS be Legen..WAIT FOR IT......WAIT4IT, WAIT FOR IT--- DAIRY!!
Stelli is Awesome.

Stelli reminds me of a friend

Hey! That girl looks like Stelli

Stelli is the awesomest person on this Planet after Barney Stinson

Awesome Awesomeness Stelli StelliEllen HowIMetYourMother BarneyStinson IamAwesome
by Stelli Ellen July 15, 2013
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