frenCH ˈhôrn
The act of fellatio on a man (classically of french origin or descent) while simultaneously inserting one's hand into their anus in analogous fashion to the manner in which the musical instrument is played.
Marcel had a very severe erection when he gave Gaston a french Horn.
by FrenchStewartHorn December 16, 2017
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The best instrument ever. Pitched in F with over 5-6 octaves, one of the hardest brass instruments to learn and master. (I havent mastered it myself. Another 10 years for me. :-D) Mastering could take years and years and many hornists havent ever mastered this beautiful instrument. Heard in Wind Ensembles, Orchestras and Chamber Ensembles as many people who play horn cannot play well. Only determination and will power can get you to play this instrument well. Most people dont know that embouchre and air are the key to this instrument. Hard to play in tune when you start off. Once mastered this instrument can bring the very best out of you. Word.
John: You play French Horn?!?!? Are you kidding me?!?!? That instrument sucks!
Evan: No. It's the best damn instrument ever. Get it straight.
by Obsessed Hornist February 3, 2006
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A misnomer for the Horn in F or F Horn; this instrument plays in the key of F and was invented in Germany. However, it was mistakenly called the "French Horn". The International Horn Society has declared the official name of this instrument to be the Horn.
A single Horn has 3 keyes, while a double Horn has 4. A talented Horn player can play over 6 octaves on this instrument.
Barry Tuckwell plays the Horn.
by Tanja June 6, 2004
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God Created this instument with all his might to make a french horn it took seven day and seven nights and god said"let there be french horns!!!!" then he listend for awhile and then said"Let the be French Horns IN TUNE." then god got error pop up and it said invalid request try a different instrument.
Man 1:He plays the french horn
Man 2:what no way
Man 3:yep hes that awesome
by R4v4g3m0nk3y September 11, 2011
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1)The French horn is that smexy instrument with the nice curves.
2) it's that greatest instrument e v e r
John: Wow you play the French Horn ?
Katie: Yeah! I'm even first chair!
John : Have my babies
by SinningTrash December 15, 2016
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n: 1. A complex, circular brass instrument. It plays in treble clef, but it has a very versatile range of voice and many applications in the band. It's the primary instrument in the theme of Star Wars (composed by John Williams) and is literally the most awesome and beautiful instrument ever.
2. One who plays the French horn.
Person 1: Daaaaamn, look at the sweet curves of that French horn!
Person 2: Do you mean the instrument, or the girl playing it?
by LunaDragonEternal May 12, 2016
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A sleek brass instrument that requires focus and determination to play. Made in Germany but after a misinterpretation of the F in the F horn, it has since been called the French horn. Its proper name is just Horn. To become good at the Horn, players must dedicate lots of time to master the air control and embouchure. The single horn has 3 keys, and the double has 4, including a trigger. It's not very well known. True professional hornists can play every single note just from air control, without the keys. They can also play 6 octaves! One of the hardest brass instruments to play. It also has the smallest mouthpiece in brass. Best instrument ever!!!
Imran: Hey, Ellie, why didn't you bring your French Horn mouthpiece?
Ellie: Oh no! It's so small, it must've fallen out of my case!
Jadyn: At least now our ears will stop bleeding from how loud you play.
Ellie: *glares*
Imran: Haha. French horn is the best!
by hatchet-wielding nerd March 12, 2020
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