or Frankensteining

The act of being so fucked up that you cant move.
"Dude im steining hard right now, im fucked up."
by TFTH April 4, 2010
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a general term used to define, in a work environment, the act of your superior or owner of a company verbally abusing a person or team for a mistake or *perceived mistake*. Sometimes confused with the act of 'getting schadomized'.
The client fired us so I got called into the big office and was steined for my mistakes. or The boss yelled at me today and reminded me over and over how poor of an employee I am, I got steined like never before.
by Not R&R July 19, 2006
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the act of a fat chick sucking a guys dick while he is passed out
Person 1: "What happened with me and Kayla last night?"
Person 2: "Dude, she totally steined you!!"
by creepin jenny's December 4, 2010
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A extreme player. Has sex with the hottest ladies, all the time. Is so unbelieveably sexy, smooth, and cut. His muscles are extremely big and he is amazing. Undescriable in one word.
Stein is a have sex with a hot girl.
by Becca Caldwell April 25, 2005
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When your little monkey boss makes a homo pass at you.
"Eric Stein steined me today. What a fag."
by SK+G January 21, 2008
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You're dating that fine piece of work!? That's stein man!
by MattSat August 16, 2010
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The cheap fucker in the group, who often doesn't leave enough to cover the Check, or leaves no money for the tip.
Pinche Alex is such a Stein! Me and T-Bone had to dig up ferria to cover the tip!
by Gaggle Kang November 4, 2020
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