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Offshoots of the traditional skinheads originating from England in 1969. SHARP (SkinHeads Against Racial Prejudice) were sick of the media perceiving all skinheads as Nazi skinheads (boneheads). As the skinhead subculture is heavily influenced by BLACK rudeboys and ska music, it is ridiculous to think that Nazi's adopted it. Most SHARP's are hard-working, middle-class warriors who won't take shit from ANYONE.
The person above (in a while below) is a piece of shit Nazi and will get his ass kicked by SHARP skins if he keeps up with his hillbilly white power shit.

Don't mess with a sharp skin.
by SHARP CR April 23, 2009
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sharp skins are anti racist skinheads.
I.S is a stupid nazi shithead. sharp skins are the best skins
by oifoundedoi August 04, 2005
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SHARP punks and Skins. The SHARP stands for "Skinheads against racial Prejudice". SHARPS are true punks because thats what punks rock was always about from the beggning,uniting all people despite there differences, and not conforming to the bullshit ways of society, and kicking the shit out of facist racist fuckers with no heart.

Black or White PuNx UNITE!
Nazi idiot fake punk: Hey look at the Mexican he's a Beaner! Look at that Asian he's a Chink! Look at that black guy he's a Nigger!

SHARP Punk: What did you say?

SHARP Punk #2: Yeah, What did you say?

SHARP Punk #3: What did you say little bitch?

SHARP Punk #4: WHAT?!

SHARP Skins: umm, what the fuck dude....

(10 minutes later "Nazi idiot fake punk" ends up in hospital..)

by Bad Brain July 17, 2008
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An oxymoron. SHARP may be an acronym for skinheads against racial predjudice, but in practice they only target white people who are proud of their heritage.

SHARPs tend to support communism and/or anarchy which shows their own ignorance as neither system is practical and is destructive for society.

SHARPs tend to be cowardly only fighting if they can catch a racialist white alone and with themselves significantly outnumbering them.
EX. A SHARP skin would never confront racist blacks or mexicans and likely even argue that its okay for them to victimise whites.

A popular slogan for SHARP skins is good night white pride.

Why communism is retarded? The answer is in another question. How hard would you work if no matter how hard you tried you'd make the same as someone who barely works at all, and who would go to 8 years of college to become a doctor when a store clerk makes the same?

For anarchists, government is the natural out come for people. If their were no laws or enforcement then murder, theft, and destruction would reign.

Someone who puts their faith in hipocracy, destructive beliefs, and utopian ideals is the real bonehead.
by Zack Tickla January 23, 2010
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White kids that want to join a gang but are too afraid to fight black kids. The only thing more obnoxious than their idiotic hypicrytical mentality is their arrogance.
Mostly hang out at Ska shows and wait for someone to say 'Nigger' so that 23 of them can jump the guy and yell "Working class OI!"
"So are you Nazis?"

"NO!WE'RE SHARP SKINS! We're not racist, we just dress like it!"
by Fliggagoo October 31, 2005
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Sharp Skins:

He dresses like a patriot and shave his head
Boots and braces but it's a real mistake
He hate his country, he is a fucking red
The worlds worst scum, he is a SHARP-skinhead

SHARP-skins must die!
SHARP-skins must die!
SHARP-skins must die!
Soon you dead you SHARP-skinhead
by ^Eaz April 17, 2009
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