Famous for his unique vocals, Yang Jungwon is known for being the purest 4th gen k-pop boy. His visuals, vocals and personality are all sweet like honey and he very much resembles a bunny!
Jungwon looks like a pure bunny!

Jungwon’s vocals are so special.. I love them!
by kim sunoo’s loyal follower September 5, 2020
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A literal god, have you seen him? LITERALLY AN ACE LIKE OMG- Yang jungwon is the most ethereal person you'll ever see
Person 1: "Guess somebody who's ethereal"
Person 2: mind - It must be jungwon!
by beomibear December 14, 2020
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He a leader of a group name "enhypen."
He is sweet and a cute boy<3
Handsome and kind:)
by Kpopfan:( October 10, 2021
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Best leader! The most precious smol creature on earth. He is a cat but sometimes a bunny or a sheep. He is well-mannered, soft and innocent but when on stage he's a total opposite. He is also a clean dancer, has a stable vocal and a stunning visual. He is ethereal!
Best boy Jungwon
by woniephoria October 19, 2021
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They attract attention with their active and energetic nature. The biggest feature of people born with this name is that they are egocentric. Korean meaning is garden.

If you are with a Jungwon, there is no doubt that you will go to the best and highest quality places. They are easily happy. He tries not to be late for any of his appointments, he is punctual. They usually succeed in all the jobs they put their hands on, so they become good managers. He is full of love and very merciful.

Its egocentric nature can be unbearable for the person in front of it. It makes you feel lonely even when you are together. He does not hesitate to hurt you, thinking that he is speaking the truth.Since he is not a man who admits his mistake, he cannot admit his lover's mistake and may lose interest.

They tend to be affectionate rather than caring.These men, who avoid attachment, fall in love well if they love.They like confident women. An angry woman repels them. A gentle moderate woman is indispensable for them. They are easily attached to women who respect them.

Jungwon doesn't show his regrets. You can tell by the fact that he is angry that he has regrets. He gets so angry that he walks around like a bomb ready to explode. This nerve drags them down and their quality of life.
-I love you JungWon
+Yea me too, i love me.
by CarpeDieem November 21, 2021
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the person you come to for comfort & warmth
Yang Jungwon, best leader.
by nikilvr December 17, 2020
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