1. Steak-like. In reference to Steak.
2. Generally a positive comment of approval or recognition.
Steaky is derived from the word steak. Steak being a tasty peice of meat of high quality. Things that are steaky thus possess steak-like qualities without actually having any implied reference to the meat.
A: I just aced the test!
B: Steaky!

A: A love this band, their music is so steaky.
B: Their steakiness is unmatched.
by Famous James Splinter January 4, 2006
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The name of the steak that Stingray tosses so cruelly in the movie Undefeatable when his wife leaves him
Man, after he found out he was the baby daddy, he tossed that woman's weave like it was Steaky
by radamstryfe February 13, 2010
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Steaky is an adjective that defines a moist and welcoming vagina. To be "steaky" is not to be confused with being "slutty".
My girl is so steaky I never have to use lube!
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Meat-headed, but generally more intelligent. Someone who is extremely competitive, when it comes to athletics, drinking, and especially athletics while drinking. However, a steaky individual knows more about how to work out effectively, and is usually a harder worker, than someone who is simply a Meat-Head.
"Dude, Billy just chugged a 12-pack of beers in 3 minutes, injected himself with steroids, and did push-ups in the middle of the party until he passed out, all while yelling 'Must get better for next year'! Thats so steaky!"
by DannyKov October 25, 2006
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Food restaurant that serves not only steaks but also shakeys
1:Wanna got to steaky shakey
2:Sure man, hope they have some real good shakeys
by SuccMyNugs October 11, 2017
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There's no steaky without funonions!!
by Christina Cas May 14, 2008
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