Stay is the fandom name for the (south korean k-pop) boy group, Stray Kids, who debuted on march 25, 2018. Stray Kids was a 9-member group, but one of the members, Woojin, left stray kids due to personal reasons. stray kids had made the name stay from the word stray in stray kids, meaning the fans will stay by stray kids' side and they will stay with their fans.
boy 1: are you a stay?
boy 2: yes! I have been a stray kids fan since june, 2018.
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by bitchass idiot April 21, 2020
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the place where you live. Implies a temporary living situation, (even if it's at home with your parents for your whole life)
She stays with her auntie on Euclid Av.
Or, "Where do you stay (live)?"
by clare radigan January 17, 2004
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Kpop group Stray Kids’s fandom. Stays are full of crackheads and clowns. Stays love to start cults using the members name and their body part in the middle of no where. Stays are the definition of the vegan section at Walmart and dumbness. Most importantly stays love Stray kids more than anything in the world and will take a bullet for them. Also all stays share a brain cells it’s just how we communicate. If you fuck with Stray Kids,you fuck with stays
If you see a account on Twitter or instagram whose name has something vegan related at the end you know it’s a stay
by loving skz hours: open β™‘ November 19, 2019
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Stay; Adjective: Stay is a word commonly used used by millennials and urbanities to describe someone or something that habitually repeats the same action.
Sam: "yo, Hunter stay lifting weights."
Buck: "I know that cat is mad swoll, he's in the gym 24/7.""

Buck: "This guy Andrew doesn't have any money."
Sam: "yeah cuz he stay calling out of work to watch Ninja turtle reruns with his pet Iguana."
by cortez7 October 14, 2016
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Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories' famous single. It is widely known, easily sung, and catchy enough to overpower any earworms currently lodged in your brain.

However, unlike most popular songs that become earworms, Stay doesn't have a chorus. As a result, most people don't know all the lyrics. They'll wind up singing two or four lines that they do remember, often in the wrong order, and then get quickly tired of singing it.

Hence, Stay is the ultimate earworm cure.
And you say, "Stay."
And you say I only hear what I want to...So.
by tofoomeister July 11, 2007
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When you are straight but you like gay/lesbian people
girl 2: Isn't he like gay?
girl 1:idk
girl 2:OMG u r so stay
by <3 baby <3 princezz <3 November 06, 2008
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