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An individual or group of persons, being insulting to those who live in another state. The term is only used in countries made up of states. In Australia generally speaking most stateist comments are made:

NSW stateist to VIC
VIC stateist to SA
QLD stateist to NSW
SA stateist to VIC
NT* stateist to VIC & NSW
WA stateist to QLD, NSW, ACT*, VIC
TAS stateist to NSW & VIC
QLD, NSW, ACT*, SA, VIC, WA & NT* stateist to TAS

* (NT & ACT are not states however when they offend it is territoryist considered the same).
"What the hell? Why does all of Wagga Wagga sell Carlton beer, watch gayFL (AFL) and eat potato cakes? Its NSW, they should drink Tooheys, watch NRL and eat potato scallops!"

"Your stateist! People in Wagga Wagga are very Victorian!"
by dkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdk March 27, 2010
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Being 'racist' against other states.
1. "Don't be stateist, Texas isn't so bad, just because of who's running the country."
by sillychica44 February 02, 2008
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An American who thinks his state is better than any other one.
God, those Massholes keep fucking up New Hampshire by buying all the lake property and driving like retards. I'm such a stateist.
by Aqua_Mann February 04, 2008
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To be racist to a state by either human, mammal, clouds, and or/ other animal race.
R: Those clouds were being racistt! Whyy does they have to show up in Washington and not Cali?!

C: Naw , they weren't being racist... being stateist right there .
by DoesAnyBodyKnow? August 14, 2009
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