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If you don't feel like looking for a car online, Glondoor is the guy you get to fight the used-car dealers in a stone-circle death match to make sure you don't get ripped off.
I was going to pay $6000 for a lemon at that dealership until Glondoor ripped the guy's face off. Boy was I relieved.
by Aqua_Mann February 4, 2008
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A website that shows sales data for all of the next-gen consoles. Also includes forums where the most rabid fanboys to be found anywhere on the internet hang out.
Man, I was on vgchartz, and all I did was post one thread asking why the Wii was selling so much better than PS3, and I got torn apart by Sony fanboys!
by Aqua_Mann December 28, 2007
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An American who thinks his state is better than any other one.
God, those Massholes keep fucking up New Hampshire by buying all the lake property and driving like retards. I'm such a stateist.
by Aqua_Mann February 5, 2008
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Exactly what it sounds like: Garfield comic strips with Garfield removed, making Jon a lonely schizo. Like most amusing internet fads, got started on 4chan.
Garfield without Garfield is a million times funnier than the comic itself.
by Aqua_Mann March 26, 2008
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What the really hardcore, Richard Stallman-worshipping open-source nerds call Linux.
Uber-nerd: "What operating system you using?"
Nerd: "Linux, of course."
*Nerd punches uber-nerd in face*
Nerd: "Shut up."
by Aqua_Mann March 24, 2008
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The extra money that you pay when buying a Mac as a opposed to a computer with the same specs from another manufacturer. Some people consider the Mac tax to be a good trade-off, others do not.
"My new iMac was 1500 bucks."
"WTF, why'd you pay the Mac tax, you could've gotten a Dell for like half that."
"Um... Because now I have an operating system that works, from a company that doesn't have monkeys for tech support?"
by Aqua_Mann April 1, 2008
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Possibly one of, if not the most badass song ever. You know: it's the one in the Kill Bill movies. If you listen to it on your iPod, it makes any situation infinitely cooler.
I had to wait in line at the grocery store, so I set my iPod to Battle Without Honor or Humanity and imagined myself getting in a sword fight with the old lady in front of me.
by Aqua_Mann October 14, 2008
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