To start a discussion, a debate, an argument, typically with people that have opposing views.
John did start a fire when he told his coworker that he had voted for Trump
by retailacc April 18, 2018
A method of masturbation in which the masturbator makes his hands flat and rubs them sideways against his dick in a fire-starting motion.
Yesterday, it was pretty intense when i sat down and I was starting the fire

Girl: Let's go have some fun
Boy: Will you start the fire?
by PFunkShi May 12, 2010
To masturbate in such a way that were your bottom half cropped out and your top half GIF'd, it would look vaguely like you were trying to start a fire. And vaguely like you were masturbating. That's the thing about vagueness. Nobody really knows what's happening. On that island. With that ball. And that man. And that beard. And I miss Helen Hunt. Remember Mad About You? I think she was in that.
Charlie: Is Jack jerking off over there?
Desmond: No, he' s trying to start a fire!
Charlie: But he might be masturbating?
Desmond: Yes.
by Betty Mustafa February 4, 2016
asking someone to start a fire is to ask a female gender to scissor with you.
the slang "start a fire" refers to the friction being made when 2 females scissor each other
"do you want to start a fire with me?", "We started a fire last night, it was exhausting!"
by ruthle January 28, 2015
to put sand-paper around your penis (rough side out) and have sex with a girl.
man she told me she wanted me to start a fire and I didn't know she was in to kinky stuff like that
by Kevin....? May 17, 2008
It was always burning since the world was turning! A phrase from The Office US that only true fans will remember.
Dwight: I have a song, ATTENTION EVERYONE, that I would like to sing, that I wrote especially for this occasion, while I was up in the flames. Ready? RYAN STARTED THE FIREEEE! IT WAS ALWAYS BURNING SINCE THE WORLD WAS TURNINGGG!
by 3xcity July 21, 2019
Star fire means to start slowly taking your cloths off back and forth with someone on snapchat until you are completely naked.
by Mystery42 December 1, 2016