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when a female puts cat nip in her genitalia and lets a cat fondul with it
she just put it up there for the cat...I am always left out when my girl dos nocturnal cat nip
by Kevin....? May 16, 2008
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When you eat a lot of Cheedo's and perform oral on a female
Dude I ate a whole bag of Cheedos and then I gave my girl a gooey cheedo..it was great
by Kevin....? May 15, 2008
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the act of holding-hands
mostly the girl is the warmth but it could work both ways
thank you for being my Hand-warmer
by Kevin....? May 27, 2008
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to put a fire extinguisher in the girls vag after you start a fire.
she was telling me extinguish the fire!!!!extinguish the fire!!!
Oh i extinguish the fire all right
by Kevin....? May 16, 2008
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to put sand-paper around your penis (rough side out) and have sex with a girl.
man she told me she wanted me to start a fire and I didn't know she was in to kinky stuff like that
by Kevin....? May 16, 2008
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