1. Having qualities of an oblivious Public Speaking Teacher.
2. One who pronounes names incorrectly and or forgets names.
1. The stark teacher did not notice the student cuss her out behind her back.
2. Stark asked me how my name was pronounced the morning before the public speaking dinner, but still mispronounced it later that night.
by James P Jon November 07, 2006
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One who overcompensates for his/her/it's insecurities (i.e. being fat, or having a small penis) by being overtly cocky, aggressive, or aggressively defensive.
You see that fat f***, Jake over there? He just told that fine honey that he wants to f*** her in the bathroom. OH SHI*! She just called him a fatass and he ripped her in half and is now defecating in her internal organs! Man, that kid is such a starks.
by SquigglesFBleezy June 02, 2011
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n. Shortened form of Star Kingdoms, a mildly popular online game.
I'm gonna go log onto StarK.
by Brigs March 28, 2004
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1. Abandonment of one's romantic companion to pursue a self-satisfying activity that has no benefit for the other person 2. Leaving a spouse to attend school, take an internship or begin a new job, with the expectation that the other person will not move to be with them 3. Habitually leaving your partner for long periods of time to hike, bike, study or partake in other recreational activities while being financially supported by the abandoned partner
1. It was difficult for her to forgive him for starking her when the baby was due.
2. She chose to stark him and move to the Jersey Shore for the summer.
by web*sr September 03, 2010
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The crusty, dried semen left in the nostrils after a bukkake session
The snot in the little childs nose looked like stark.
by Harry Balchak July 10, 2008
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A cool guy who lacks the ability to see through wannabees.
Person 1: "Why is he going out with her? She is a wannabe BP."
Person 2- "Because he is Stark."
by HAHAHAHAHA!e February 10, 2010
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Noun. a female who is extremely unattractive in many physical ways
guy1: I was thinking about asking Hannah out.
guy2: No way! She is such a stark!
by Ronz0Goody October 05, 2011
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