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Nickname for Cocaine according to the DEA factbook. Also the middle name of a 17 yr old child with super hippie parents.
Yo dude can I score some stardust?

Sure man give me the cash.

Shit the cops are coming.

by Stardust my middle name. August 17, 2005
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When a female places glitter into her vagina or vaginal area, then exerts a loud qeaf thus making star dust
Jackie was having a rough sex life but things were looking a litte bit brighter when Kelly star dusted him in the face.
by flavorcoms April 14, 2010
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The residue that jettisons from one's orifices when Dale Earnhardt Jr. takes you to the moon in his Space-Nas-Car and coaxes you with zero-gravity, texas kung-fu and quaaludes into having "consensual" intercourse.
Jenny: "Why is my ass coated in stardust?"
Bearonica: "Maybe Black Waldo fed you some S last night?"
Jenny: "No, I think it was from when Dale Earnhardt took me to the moon in his space-nas-car. I'm still a little sore"
Bearonica: But.. Jenny... Dale Earnhardt's been dead for 10 years!
Jenny: Oh, Dale Earnhardt Jr. then
Bearonica: Cool story.
by Black Waldo October 05, 2012
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Poor quality work, not your best. Taken from "Katamari Damacy" because a poor quality star gets turned into stardust.
"Would you like to turn this into a star, or stardust?"
attr. The King of all Cosmos
by grapshotgrapes January 24, 2006
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Trying to get with a person even though they may be with someone else.
He looked at the person noticed they were with someone and still proceeded to star dust.
by Sarah Webster January 21, 2008
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A book written by Neil Gaiman geared towards young women, and was later made into a movie. It is loved by many young girls everywhere, despite being awful.
"Fuck Stardust, go read Good Omens or American Gods."
by Metrion August 07, 2007
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A copious amount of thick, white powder that flies out of women's vaginas and bodily orfices occasionally when they are fucked. Normally occurs to MILFs and old people.
A: Did you see how Jacob's mom got gang banged and raped?
B: Yeah, she threw stardust all over everyone at the party.
by Mr.Knowall April 17, 2010
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