Phil: Yo can you do a kick flip
John: Yeah i can do it no dust

John: Hey can you get my phone
Phil: yeah no dust
by El perro Grande blanco September 3, 2020
That school lunch is so dust.

You have no bitches, your fuckin dust.
by Benchsitters December 14, 2018
Mate your bmw isnt ad fast as you think, you just got dusted by that old nissan.
by legendgary June 7, 2012
to be under the influence of PCP.."dusted" refers to angeldust, slang for PCP
"I was so fucking dusted I couldn't feel my legs!"
by farceofnature March 10, 2005
a term for inhaling the compressed air and propellant from a canned product used for dusting computer keyboards and other electronics. Also see "huffing"
Lets go to the party and do som dusting. Jimmy was dusting and passed out.
by CJD January 31, 2005