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A book written by Neil Gaiman geared towards young women, and was later made into a movie. It is loved by many young girls everywhere, despite being awful.
"Fuck Stardust, go read Good Omens or American Gods."
by Metrion August 8, 2007
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A movie from the mid '90s about two brothers that go on a killing spree and hold a family hostage while on their way to Mexico. It is infamous for shitty special effects and an irritating amount of references to other films. It seems like a perfectly normal action movie until vampires start appearing out of every orifice at a club, about sixty minutes too late in the film. Not to mention the vampires look like werewolves.
"If you can actually sit through From Dusk Till Dawn until the credits, you deserve a medal."
by Metrion August 20, 2007
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When three or more people within fifty feet of eachother whip out their Nintendo DS and begin using the chat function rather than actually talking to eachother, like an ice cream social for nerds. Popular in lobbies of large events.
At least fifteen people were participating in a little DS Circle at Anime Weekend Atlanta this year. We never figured out what that black Akatsuki member's DS name was.
by Metrion November 14, 2007
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