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Is a school in Peterborough full of sket and roadman.
You can never trust someone that goes to that school or went to it because the rumours are all true.
Oi that boys from stanny better be careful

There’s a stanny girl over there she is easy so let’s go for it
by Island57 December 29, 2018
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An abbreviation for your "standard order". This is your favourite drink, chocolate bar and packet of crisps that you could pick up at any petrol or service station any time of day. The drink can either be a soft-drink, can or bottle, or something else that is common. The crisps must be available in a bag, potato or corn, but nothing stupid like a whole tube of Pringles, for example. The chocolate bar is self-explanatory.

To know someone's stanny is a test of true friendship.
Joe is taking a trip to his local petrol station to pick up some sundries. Before leaving, he asks Polly if she would like anything. "Oh, just my stanny, thanks Joe," she responds.
(N.B. Joe has truly cooked his goose if he doesn't know what Polly's stanny is. They HAVE been together 7 years, after all.)
by Big.E March 17, 2006
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standby is a school in Peterborough full of bullshit. the teachers,students and the entire building is just bullshit. also, it's full of chavs and wanna be prostitutes but for free.
'them stanny mans are done out here's
'i let that stanny gyal go down on me'
by yourdadsnice January 06, 2019
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A coloquial term for "Pakistani"; a person from Pakistan.

Often mis-used as a generic term for any person of "western asian persuasion"

Usually it is said in a friendly way, as opposed to the derogatory term pakis
"I see the stannies have opened up a corner shop"
by Mr.T, I pity da fool! October 13, 2004
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