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Muss so sein! :D
-Heute auf der Party jemanden kennengelernt!
by photek December 27, 2004
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A name given to people that are very short, but are not classified as dwafs or midgets. A perfect example would also be member of the online game WOW, and would make the majority of their friends online, as online friends dont know how tall you are. A "stanni" would rather go online and talk than go out to parties or go out in public.
"omg! that girl must be a stanni, shall we ask her?"
by Yamer jamer July 12, 2008
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Standard Peace(Piece,Hash), der billigste Dreck, meißtens mit irgendwas wie Schuhcreme oder Henna gestreckt,
auf keinen Fall mehr als 1€/g Wert
Das soll guter Shit sein? Kannst dein scheiß Stanni behalten!
by Sherlock257 January 14, 2005
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