Nickname for the Monument Valley Mustangs of Kayenta, Arizona.
Rez Fan 1: "Let's go Stangs! Wooo!"

Rez Fan 2: "Beat the Scouts!"
by Chizhi Worm April 28, 2009
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Referencing a females genitalia in a sexual manner.
"Ma boi Ahmed, was finna get some stang."
by Stanggey April 07, 2016
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When something, someone, somewhere is not to the persons liking, or where not to the liking of the general audience. For example, "oh man, I can't believe this weather, it's proper Stang" or "Have you seen that little yute Johnny? Yo them crepes he's rocking are f**king Stang!!!"
I can't take this anymore, the whole situation is stang
by TalkToFrank October 05, 2016
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