To sexually interact with an individual of the opposite gender; slay; hookup with someone out of your league.
"Wow, he stanged that chick!"

"Hey bro, you gonna stang that babe tonight?"
"I just finished stanging that blonde girl with the weird face, she had a great personality. "
by clusterfxck June 02, 2015
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V. The act of inserting any sharp object into a male's cock spitter (penis hole).
N. The object used when stanging.

stang from the Latin phrase stit tang which means "pecker hurts so good"
-(v)"He danced like a gogo and when I took him home he stanged like the like clap. What an amazing man."
-(v)I stang myself until I fall asleep on those lonely nights.
-(n)The stang I must use is a football because my dick hole is as wide as a window.
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A common way to refer to a North American P/F-51 Mustang, A Fighter/Attack Aricraft that saw action in both WWII and Korea.
Man, we went to EAA this year. You should have seen all of the stangs there!
by JonathanChance September 30, 2003
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ugly and/or skanky female, commonly found in locations such as the Mall, waring track pants and too-big mens hoodies. Often (read always) smokes, and is apt to get pregnant at age 16.
"Oi you dirty stang, piss of outa my mall"
by me September 26, 2004
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to have sexual intercourse with the opposite sex.

fuck Hit smash cut Pipe beat the breaks off
What it do Lilmama? Im try'n ta stang some'n.
by TEX January 19, 2005
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A person who will never make eye contact with you.
Someone who rarely smiles, and hates their job.
Someone who, when asked a question, will avoid in any way possible actually supplying an answer
I got a B in Stang's class!
by igotaBinstang! April 29, 2009
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