Phenomenon where in behavior by unconnected individuals creates a seemingly concentrated effort. This behavior is copied from a previous source without an original.

In short Stand alone complex is multiple copies of a behavior, object, view, ect, existing without an original.
The laughing Man is a living example of Stand Alone Complex.

Not only did hundreds copy his works without knowing who or what he was of there own volition all claiming to be the original.

But he himself was copying a plan found floating the net without any apparent source.
by Blarny September 3, 2012
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Accidental collectivism made up of detached individuals, resembling a highly organized conspiracy and lacking a deliberate origin.
by me myself & aye May 8, 2011
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A phenomenon when a collection of similar, but unrelated, behavior by unconnected individuals creates a seemingly concerted effort.
The internet group 'Anonymous' is considered by some to be a Stand ALone COmplex
by Jacob Archer June 10, 2009
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A situation in which the observers can assume the conclusion that multiple subjects are acting as a system for a common goal (a complex); but truly, all subjects had zero involvement with each other and it was merely coincidence that they seemed to have a common goal (stand alone).
Police are looking for suspects for 2 murders and a robbery. at the seen of the murders and the robbery a picture with Justin Beiber with a gunshot to the head is found. The police take this as being the signiture of the suspect/s method of operation. At the end of the cases a suspect was found for each case but all of them had no connection to each other and the Justin Beiber picture was dropped by one suspect, another was already at the scene before it had happend, and the other was dropped after the suspect left. The police had just witnessed a stand-alone complex
by Crack_Attack August 15, 2012
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A Stand Alone Complex is usualy obesrved after a major incident such as a murder. People decide to follow the behaviour of a person, be it fictional or real. It also discribes teamwork in which all the involved members share a common goal and infomation, but work alone to achive it in their own way. Based off the Ghost In the Shell series of the same name.
Anonymous share infomation via image boards and other mediums. They have a single goal yet each member works of their own accord. There is no hirarchy and so are a real example of a Stand Alone Complex
by Lithran July 22, 2008
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When collective consciousness manifests itself in a series of seemingly related actions by unrelated individuals without actual collusion taking place between them.

The term was popularized by use in Japanese cyberpunk Anime Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (2001), also recently (2020) used by the Tim Poole in his cesored interview with Alex Jones.
Jone: Just look at the most powerful people in the world (who are tax exempt) saying "We're going to shut the economy down to help poor people" - the UN's own reports admit that lock-downs already starved 2m people to death, it will kill 200+ million if it goes on for a year. They're bringing it back. So it kills dozens of times more than died of supposed COVID (we're not denying that COVID is a real thing, that it kills people), it's that the lock-down is meant to economically compromise us, put us into debt and consolidate power and control.
Pool: To what extent is this a grand conspiracy or stand alone complex? Are you familiar with the term "stand alone complex"?
Jones: Yes
Pool: Is it possible that Amazon is totally in favor of this, lobbies in favor of it because they realize - when you lock down the economy - people have to go to Amazon, people have to go to Walmart.
Jones: Sure, are they taking advantage of the crisis or create the crisis.
by GlowNGR November 14, 2020
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An anime series off of Adult Swim, has two seasons: Ghost in the Shell: SAC and Ghost in the Shell SAC 2nd GIG.

The series receives its subtitle from a theoretical mental complex attributed to the adaptation of cybernetics into the mass public. In the story, 'stand alone complex' is said to describe copies with no original and is portrayed by copycat crimes with no original criminal or, in other words, an imaginary criminal. It also refers to the structure of each first season episode: each episode can be viewed independently of each other, and there is little catch-up (if at all) given in each episode to keep the viewer up to date (unlike many anime series). The individual episodes are discreetly marked either "stand alone" or "complex" in the title screen. The "complex" episodes are more closely entwined with this encompassing plot, and the "stand alone" less so.

Taking place in a fictional city of Japan called New Port City in the year 2030, SAC tells the story of a special operations task-force called Public Security Section 9, or simply "Section 9". The series follows the exploits of Section 9's agents who range from ex-military to ex-police to even ex-mafia as they address each case and how it affects them on a personal level, eventually leading to the mysterious figure dubbed by the media as "The Laughing Man".

If you like nice action, deep stories, utterly BEAUTIFUL animation, and rich dialouge, watch it on Adult Swim. Or better yet, get the DVD releases- Amazon should have them.
Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex is all around cyberpunk and politics. It is not made for the close-minded group of people; take that retarded, grammar-challenged flamer below here as an example.
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