A Phrase used to convey utter and complete truthfulness to a declaration, or approve statements made by the user or people involved in the convo.
"So shorty got ass ? Stamp that..."

In this context, the phrase is used to request confirmation of the statement.

"The trip to Vegas is definitely goin down this summer, Stamp That"

At this time, each member of the conversation makes the decision on whether or not to 'stamp' the statment, thereby giving their approval.

When reserved for serious statements, this phrase gives them extra credibility.

"The Detroit Pistons are going to win the finals, you can Stamp that.."

This is a declaration made by the user to illustrate his confidence in the statement.

by The Squad May 13, 2006
stamp=ok/ thats koo/thats str8/thats a bet! in dc slang
usually used when excited about finding out something
**almost the same as bet**
oh ok so he is going to give you the money?!? STAMP!
She has beautiful legs. The right one is stamped just above the knee with a large butterfly.
by talk2me-JCH2 February 9, 2021
To be finished with or to confirm something
person one: "So were going to that concert tonight right?"
Person two: "STAMPED!!!"

"We need to stamp this idea by the end of the day."
by TJ1914 April 21, 2008
The label, or brand, of a glassine bag of heron. The joke is cut & bagged at a high level in bags made by folding wax paper into neat squares, and usually taping these shut. In the Northeast, and particular NJ, Bronx & Manhattan where the trade is centralized & huge mills turn out millions of stamps, each mill will use a unique design and brand name. Sometimes the art, word play and irony are museum worthy, if not pc.
A bundle is 10 stamps. But I don't fuck with the diesel, I lost people to that shit. I stay blue.
by 139NLNX March 4, 2012
to have someone like a girlfriend or boyfriend, ur property
son i got that boy stamped so back off
oh i heard hes already stamped
you cant stamp what ive alreayd stamped saeled and mailed off
by tia0918 March 21, 2007
When during a competition, you allow your competitor to take the lead for a period of time until you near the end, when you pull ahead for the win right at the last moment.
I really thought he was going to win that leg of the run, until he got stamped by the other guy who darted ahead of him at the end.
by KRUTON_CC March 20, 2016