(adj) People who are overly good at stalking.
Guy: "She changed her last name to my last name on facebook"

Other Guy: "Have you even talked to this chick?"

Guy: "Nope."

Other Guy: "Damn, she's stalkerific."
by mekateka October 13, 2010
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Something that is rockin' awesome and useful when stalking someone.
Dude, the friend activity feed on the new Facebook layout is totally stalkerific! It's f'ing easy to creep on my Facebook crush now that I can use that rockin' stalker bar.
by Ralfdallas September 23, 2011
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A woman that is so hot she causes all men to become her stalkers.
Did you see that sexy Kat, she is so Stalkerific!
by vlaad February 16, 2010
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how valuable a tool is in the acting of stalking someone.
I find Instagram most stalkerific.
by DirtyWaterbury February 18, 2016
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A term used of joy or to define anything in general, depends on the conversation.
Those shoes are stalkerific!

Were going to your grandmother's at four...
by sameguywhomademellek February 6, 2009
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