The Russian War (also known as the Russian-English War) started on November 23rd, 2009. Though the exact time cannot be provided, it is estimated that the Russian War started around 7:00PM. Katelyn Ross, an English anti-Russian accent female activist is at the root of this war. With Emile Chuck Norris' Fortier as her first worshiper, Kateland (Katelyn Ross) became a dictator who would ignite and direct a war that is estimated to last for the next week or two.

How the war started:

Russian Guy: Where is the bathroom? (Russian Accent)
Katelyn: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Not the Russian English accent! NOOOOOOOO!!! We are doomed!!
Russian Guy: Hunh????

The Katelyn-Russian war will be one of the most intense wars in the history of the world.

Note: The Katelyn-Russian war led to American believing that:

Canada + russians = communists
Canada + higher taxes + free health care + cheaper universities = communism
Canada + russians + free health care = free health care for communists
Canada + free health care for communists = free health care for Castro!!!
Canada = Communism
Communism = War
Canada = WAR!!!!

Therefore, Americans will nuke Canada and jack all their natural resources.
A big Eskimo in a Yack's pooper.

When a fat woman has an enormous crap that hurts her anus: she yells ''FOR FUCKING RUSSIAN WAR'S SAKE!!!!''

Random note:

There's a town called Fucking in Austria... just thought I'd let you know
by Emile Fortier February 24, 2009
this is a really nasty surprise to the unsuspecting victim in wich you place your balls on their forehead and errection down their nose and ejaculate on thier face resembling a roman helmet but seamen has rushed out on to the victims face
last nite after my girl passed out I gave her a russian war helmet I was only aiming for a roman helmet but i got a little excited and it kinda rushed out
by September 28, 2007
When you shove a bottle of vodka up a man's ass with his adult children cheering him on.
Putin had to cancel his state of the federation speech due to injuries sustained during his russian war crime marathon
by Nunchuck April 9, 2022