To get knocked the fuck out by someone and when someone asks what happened and you use it as an excuse instead of looking like a pussy
Person 1: "hey man what happened to your face? Looks like you got in a fight!"
Person 2: "nah man, I got staircased"
by BiggRigg74 November 21, 2014
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A hoe, or tramp. Because boys go up and down her all day.
Ay you know Quesha
Man forget that staircase!!
by ZBeezyupontheeasy February 22, 2008
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to make out, or hook up, with a barely known person while on a staircase or in a stairwell.
I staircased a guy that I met at the bar.
by Triumphantkoala February 22, 2010
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To fart while walking up the stairs so the people behind you have to walk through it.
3 guys walk up the stairs. First one farts. Other 2 guys just got staircased.
by Furiouss George December 28, 2009
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the elevator was broken so i had to take the staircase all the way to the twelfth floor.
by stair master May 02, 2006
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