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"The Official Stages of being High"

Stage 1: Usually after the first few tokes/rips your head becomes relaxed and you get anxious on the trip ahead of you.

Stage 2: About 5 minutes into the sesh, you start becoming relaxed, happy and your mind is at the state where you just want to keep smoking to get higher.

Stage 3: By this time around 10-15 minutes should have elapsed, "But you wouldn't realise it because you would be to high to keep track of time at this point", you will lose all care about the problems in the world, and start feeling you're free.

Stage 4: Oh shit, this stage is where shit starts getting serious, Music "The gift from the gods" becomes so intense to listen to, when you listen to it, it takes you into a whole new universe and when you close your eyes you trip balls, -Pink Floyd- can cause major trips or MGMT- Electric Feel Personally for me.

Stage 5: The Final stage, "God Mode", At this point you've smoked so much, you've lost all care for any problems, you feel Invincible and Invigorated, When you close your eyes you can explore every memory, every moment of anything that has ever happened, For someone with a strong imagination, at this stage it is like a psychedelic shroom trip, when you close your eyes with music, you see all, feel all, know all, nothing can bring you down, not even the fuzz, Also by this time you should be starving, that's the munchies calling out to you, you're ready to devour a whole Safeway Isle.
"Stages of High"

Damn dude, this is some Dank ass ganja,

"Puffs" yeah man im sittin on a 3 at the moment, gotta keep goin!

"Sometime later, no one really knows cause you lose track of time"

"Starts to randomly laugh" Duuude i'm Stooned, I'm sooo DooooOOone.
Yeah man you're at a 5 defo, let me just get to there and we'll go to Safeway.
by The Real Wet Bandits March 06, 2014
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