Person 1: Bro you want to check out my new tiktok? It's some cool lip synci-
Person 2: That's just Stage 5 Cancer in disguise. No.
by ATotallyOriginalAndFunnyUserna November 30, 2020
The thing you get when feminists speak, or when you hear something that so deeply disgusts you about the human race.

See I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
*overhears* "Males make more than females for the same job! This is why we needed a women's march. So empowering. Go vaginas am I right?"
"This is giving me cancer. I have just been diagnosed with stage 5 cancer. Kill me now please."

"Nobody understands me. Maybe I should just post on Instagram about cutting myself . Green Day saved my life.. I don't know what I would have done without them..."
"You just gave me stage 5 terminal death cancer. You realized the world sucks so join the club and stop being emo . Now I can't even live because I have stage five cancer and i'm dead. Thanks."
by pikachu10or February 15, 2017
When you see something so irredeemably cringey on the internet that you reach levels of cancer not previously thought possible.
Whenever I read a trend on Twitter, I get Stage 5 Super Terminal Cancer
by my name is not billy July 27, 2020
A type of Cancer that the world at large has; every one that doesn't have stages 0-4 may be subject to this. When an individual displays evidence of Stage 5 Cancer, they are judgmental, stare at people because they are different, and treat people with fewer people who're not the same as them. Generally, this treatment involves a proctologist, scuba gear, and a bong. Stage 5 Cancer is survivable and may be curable with the ingestion and inhalation of mass cannabinoids and possible psychotherapy, although a punch in the nose has also been reported as a cure. Special Note: Those with Stage 0-4 Cancers should see their Oncologist.
"Wow, that lady who called me fat must have some type of Stage 5 Cancer, I hope she gets treated before she infects others with that foul and obnoxious behavior."
by ResearcherOG_Mike January 30, 2023