St Clement's, also known as is an amazing school located by Young and Eglinton. while many other schools like to poke fun at it for being smaller and quieter, it's actually a great school! The girls there have beauty and brains. It is very prestigious and only has a 2% acceptance rate so you are lucky if you ever get to attend. St Clement's has a very small population but a large impact on the community. It's very diverse and socially conscious with a broad population from nerds, and party girls you will always find a way to fit in.
Boy 1: She's so pretty and smart I wish there were more girls like her.

Boy 2: Beauty and Brains? She must go to St. Clement's!!
by classygal12345 January 25, 2021
St Clements college is a school with idiotic teachers like Ms.farrel who has been teaching since the stone age,Ms beehan who is a dictator when it comes to religion
by Tobey maguire May 25, 2019
st clements is the most boring of the private schools but you’ll learn to survive and thrive through many hours of church if you go there. it’s sometimes referred to as Slut Clements Private School and also often referred to as hell. most st clements sports teams lose almost every game but that’s not surprising considering most coaches are just math teachers who don’t want to be there. overall st clements school is basically a factory to produce people who become crazy cat ladies in their late 20s.
“she’s only 30 why does she act like my grandma???”
“because she graduated from st clements school”
by sk8rboi420 January 5, 2019
Shit school with 3rd year wasters that go around school vaping punching lockers and screaming 'WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY'
St clements college is a shithole
by Cheekyone69 October 27, 2019
well known school
only a 2% acceptance rate, most girls there are well educated and only get into the top universities.
st. Clements is also known to hold the highest average in ap classes. girls there are mostly Asian but all are pretty hot ngl.
rsgc boy: yo that girls so hot
ucc boy: ya ofc she is, she goes to st Clements school Toronto
by sportybasicmom January 14, 2020
St Clement Danes is a state school for boys and girls. Many boys like to call themselves road men and walk around Chorleywood eating chips and robbing the local newsagents. The girls will walk around with their skirts rolled up 2-4 times whilst the year 7s have their skirts past their knees. The girls you find that go to St Clement Danes school are very rude and like to think they’re better then others a lot of them with a very serious RBF problem. They will always steal your man. They get what they want when they want. Students from St Clement Danes are always having party’s ending very late at night even early morning. However they all seem to keep their grades very good
Boy:Some girls called me fit and asked to go to their party
Boy: ahaha they probably go to St Clement Danes
by Jemima27andy October 4, 2020