Omg its ssd meaning its stay selca day did you take a picture show!!
Omg yes i did i posed as felix and yes i added the gorgeous freckles!
Omg yes periodt felix is beautiful everything about him is beautiful, his singing his freckles his smile his everything uwu stan felix stan stray kids p e r i o d t
by Varisha October 1, 2020
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S - Solid
S - State
D - Drive
I sold a kidney and ordered 1 tera SSD for the 5 Series. It takes 5 seconds to restart my machine and 2 seconds to fully load windows 8. I am completely satisfied.
by FauserPaswyn January 23, 2013
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The word ssd stands for solid state drive. Its much faster than a hard drive and in some cases it has less capacity. Someone would usually use it to store programs and windows files in order to have a faster windows start up (boot). This type of drive does not spin its a kind of flash memory that has a chip.
My computer speed is low I need to get a ssd as a primary drive.
by Avenged sevenfold 10 November 23, 2011
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Solid State Disk. Basicly a hard drive that doesnt spin.

Much faster than a hard drive.
nerd: D00d 1 ju57 907 4 SSD PH0r M4X1mum PWn493
normal person: you got a what? STFU nerd!
by n00bslayer May 1, 2007
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Suck some dick.
John: “Hey, didn’t you SSD last weekend?”
Amelia: “Yes, totally.”
by _DaddyAJ_ June 9, 2018
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suck some sick
Download R6S, join casual match, and with 30% chance you will see some guy that is loading more than minute. Type in chat:
by BruhurB February 7, 2021
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Suck Shitty Dick.

More commonly known as ATM (Ass-to-mouth) but actually created in the early 1990's in Keizer, OR by a legend.
Last night my girl went the extra mile and gave me SSD on my waterbed.....alright, alright, alright.
by kingofkeizer September 25, 2012
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