Omg its ssd meaning its stay selca day did you take a picture show!!
Omg yes i did i posed as felix and yes i added the gorgeous freckles!
Omg yes periodt felix is beautiful everything about him is beautiful, his singing his freckles his smile his everything uwu stan felix stan stray kids p e r i o d t
by Varisha October 1, 2020
S - Solid
S - State
D - Drive
I sold a kidney and ordered 1 tera SSD for the 5 Series. It takes 5 seconds to restart my machine and 2 seconds to fully load windows 8. I am completely satisfied.
by FauserPaswyn January 23, 2013
The word ssd stands for solid state drive. Its much faster than a hard drive and in some cases it has less capacity. Someone would usually use it to store programs and windows files in order to have a faster windows start up (boot). This type of drive does not spin its a kind of flash memory that has a chip.
My computer speed is low I need to get a ssd as a primary drive.
by Avenged sevenfold 10 November 23, 2011
Solid State Disk. Basicly a hard drive that doesnt spin.

Much faster than a hard drive.
nerd: D00d 1 ju57 907 4 SSD PH0r M4X1mum PWn493
normal person: you got a what? STFU nerd!
by n00bslayer May 1, 2007
Suck Shitty Dick.

More commonly known as ATM (Ass-to-mouth) but actually created in the early 1990's in Keizer, OR by a legend.
Last night my girl went the extra mile and gave me SSD on my waterbed.....alright, alright, alright.
by kingofkeizer September 25, 2012
suck some sick
Download R6S, join casual match, and with 30% chance you will see some guy that is loading more than minute. Type in chat:
by BruhurB February 7, 2021
Acronym used online for "Same shit, dude."
man: I hope President Obama wins over Mitt Romney!
wise man: SSD. It's like comparing a turd sandwich to a giant douche. The country is still fucked.
by guerrillayogi April 9, 2012